Case Study Example: Membership Forms

Case Study Example to Share on Membership Application

Case Study Example: Membership Forms

How do you feel about the forms and documents that your organization uses? Sometimes the paper version of our online selves doesn’t mesh well when it comes to consistent branding or improving the completion rates to add new members.  With a continually growing level of interest and talk about social media and online presence, sometimes our paper collateral takes a back seat and gets little attention.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you’ll love this podcast from Emily Goodstein in which she uses the actual paper membership application of a small nonprofit (see the image below) as the case study example and offers her expert advice on ways to improve it- without breaking the bank.



*Using data easily available to you to help editing process

*Donor Trends

*Online and Offline Marketing Trends

So, follow along with the document below as you  listen to part one in this two-part podcast full of helpful tips!

We’d love to hear your thoughts, too- what have you used and how well (or not) has it performed for your needs? What challenges have you been able to overcome by redesigning your membership forms- and how?