#15NTC Wrap Up from Emily Goodstein

The Nonprofit Technology Conference NTEN

So what did Emily Goodstein, social media strategist and online marketing guru, learn at the most recent NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (aka, #15NTC) that made a real impression?


Glad you asked! Emily shares the most significant takeaways in this podcast.  Not to spoil it for you, but there are 4 major lessons that she’ll cover:

1. NTC is a great networking and skill-building event for any-sized nonprofit.

2. A change in sustaining (recurring) donor best practices of note.

3. Mobile Apps are a secondary online marketing need- Guess what #1 is?

4. An effective Welcome Series is key.

BONUS: If you were at #15NTC and Emily took a picutre of your badge…what does it mean? Hint: It’s a cool practice for you to use at your next conference.


Interested in hearing more about what happened in Austin? Check out Third Sector Today’s own visual journal HERE.

Were you at #15NTC? Feel free to share what you learned that you think others might benefit from knowing…or comment on the items in the podcast…in the comments below.

See you at #16NTC in San Jose, CA!

  • http://www.communityorganizer20.com/ Debra Askanase

    One of the big (mobile-related) takeaways that I left with was to think “mobile first” not “mobile thrust.” In other words, develop first for mobile, then for web, so think about how it will look on a mobile device and work on a mobile device…first. Enjoyed the podcast, Emily. Thanks!