Research on Check Out Campaigns: Attitudes and Effectiveness

If you’ve been through a check out lane in the US in the past couple of years, you have probably been asked if you’d like to donate to some cause or other. And you may have noticed, that the frequency and the locations of these have increased. All for very good reason: Check Out Campaigns have been […]


How Dollars For Doers Programs Bolster Fundraising

From holding doors open to leading mobility-impaired persons across streets, people reach out and help strangers every day. What do these good-doers receive in return? Perhaps the intimate feeling of having done the right thing or a simple thank you or nothing. And these people are okay with their lack of a reward because they’re […]


Speeding The Convergence of Impact and Profit

From time to time, we publish posts from other fabulous resources and bloggers that we hope will provide you with additional insight. This post was originally published on Markets for Good, … by Nikon Rasumov The father of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), R.E. Freeman, argued almost 30 years ago that all for-profits should consider their […]


Nonprofit Partner Post

The Haitian Entrepreneur: Micro-Enterprise

  We tend to view the world through the filter of our own prism. Oftentimes, people in developed nations tend to look at their own work and sometimes forget there are experts in developing nations working to make a difference for themselves and others in their local communities.   After the major earthquake in Haiti […]


Find a Solution where Disciplines Intersect

When you think about the nonprofit sector, you may not think about Coca-Cola. But, maybe you should. Melinda French Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, analyzed marketing and business strategies used by Coca-Cola that can benefit nonprofits.   In her TED Talk “What Nonprofits Can Learn from Coca-Cola”, Gates recalls her travels […]


7 Tips for Working With Celebrities

Celebrities bring visibility, influence, credibility, and attract more media attention to public relations/marketing/advertising campaigns and special events than most other strategies. Guest Blogger, Rita Tateel,of The Celebrity Source, has been working with celebrities and causes for 25 years and shares her expertise here. Contacting, negotiating and working with celebrities, however, can require critical research and specialized rules of protocol, not to mention the myriad of details that can make or break a project. Here are some tips to make the job easier.