5 Common Online Marketing “Don’ts”

Online marketing and social media can be incredibly effective tools for nonprofits. But the effectiveness can get derailed by some simple- and common- mistakes. Make sure that you’re not making any of these! Listen to Emily Goodstein address five very common online marketing and social media mistakes and advice on how to remedy them. For more advice from […]


More than a Millennial

More than a Millennial: Abbie Morneault

I call this series “More than a Millennial.” Profiling Millennials who are doing some really incredible things - young people who ignore all of the flack our generation catches and continue to do incredible things each day to change the world. I begin with the story of Abbie and Determined to Develop.


Being an Effective Millennial Manager

A wise man told me: If you want to know what Millennials want from an organization, why don’t you ask one? We’ll make it easier and share our resident millennial’s thoughts with you. And, reading as a Gen X-er, I believe they hold water for my peers as well.


Millennial Blogger

Why every nonprofit should be proficient in mobile and tablet technology

As Third Sector Today’s self-proclaimed Millennial blogger, I automatically find myself immersed in the world of technology. It’s something that I naturally gravitate to and I find myself constantly craving it.   Last year, I joined the iPad family. Up until that point, I didn’t quite understand the value of a tablet. I found them […]