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Google’s Take on Mobile - And Why Your Nonprofit Should Care

Google has dominated the world of internet search for years and with growing popularity of mobile internet, they have re-tooled their SEO algorithm for mobile search. With nonprofits competing for attention, donations and engagement from consumers, it’s important for your organization to consider fully the advantages of going mobile.


Pew: Internet via Cell Up

Is your organization’s site and online strategy taking this information into account? In other words, is your site designed to be responsive or at least optimized for mobile? Are your emails and forms set up to be read and completed via a mobile phone? If not, that should be priority number one.


Facebook-Led Team to Provide Internet Everywhere

Initiative to bring the internet to everyone in the world! Wondering what Zuckerberg’s been up to lately? Check out this video interview from CNN. Not only has he been working with communications giants, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm, and Samsung to provide internet access