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When you take time to read our Third Sector Today posts, you confirm that we must be doing something right. And we would be remiss if we didn’t occasionally recap popular posts you might have missed. Time to share some of our most read posts so far in 2015!


Always a top topic, fundraising provides many well-read stories here.


5 Ways to Give Your Fundraising Strategy An Upgrade

Absolutely stellar advice from Lia Reich of Check-In For Good. Do at least these five things!


17 Expert Nonprofit Fundraising Tips

And when Amy DeVita collects top tips for fundraising from 17 different experts, you get a gift of wisdom and insight from those who know the ropes!


On Mobile Fundraising….

Three Reasons for Going Mobile that You Might have Missed

When Raz Mobile’s Dale Knoop speaks, you need to listen. The knowledge he shares about making the most of your online giving strategies is invaluable. That’s why we’re starting with this most popular post; you should read OR re-read this one now!


4 Mobile Giving Myths: Debunked!

Dale Knoop with more on the real deal for going mobile. This convenient summary of our most popular webinars includes the archived webinar AND audio track.


But, wait…there’s more!

Five Fascinating Stats from the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Report 2015

Fundraising Trends for Action in 2015

4 Ways Companies Donate to Nonprofits


How to move constituents and new contacts to action continues to be a hot topic. Here are some popular marketing posts.

The Right Annual Report for Your Audience

9 Great Resources for Nonprofit Marketers

10 Benefits Only Nonprofits Can Offer For-Profits in a Partnership

8 Ways to Foster Sponsor Relationships

6 Reasons for Nonprofits to Use Square


Governance & Management

Invaluable tips and tactics right here for your board and staff.

Why Nonprofits Fail

7 Reality Checks for Your Nonprofit Board

15 Top Tools for Every Nonprofit

10 Questions to Simplify Bylaws

10 Lessons from “The Breakfast Club” for Nonprofits


Social Media

Just because a word makes the OED does that mean you should over sprinkle it in your conversations and email. And just because you can create a post with 140 characters doesn’t mean you are effectively tweeting.

Buzzwords: Choose What to Use

It’s Spring. Time to Tweet and Chat


There are more top posts here this year; our other round-up on the first half of 2015 focuses on those most relevant to you and your career path.


And, now a tradition for our “most popular” posts, a wickedly Popular link for that office sing along!


Yvonne Hudson, New Place Collaborations

About the Author: Yvonne Hudson has written and edited content for TST since its roll-out in 2013, She is a co-principal of New Place Collaborations, a marketing and PR consultancy in Pittsburgh. Yvonne loves creating mission-driven marketing solutions for nonprofit clients, including marketing the 74% project for the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University and Opera Theater of Pittsburgh. As a staff member, board member, and volunteer, Yvonne has participated in aspects of capacity-building including programming, fundraising, and board and audience development for diverse higher education, arts, and other nonprofit organizations. She is a member of the board of Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks and the Twentieth Century Club.