Speaking Easy

    Delivering a talk is like learning to drive in midtown Manhattan. Watch people who do it and survive-like taxi drivers. You don’t have to like them, but they do get through the traffic.   Why is it some people speak in front of groups with such ease and others falter? Are some people […]


Nonprofit Tip

The Quest for Capacity: Part Two

The urge to ignore capacity is a natural reaction for busy nonprofit teams. Who has time for more strategic planning, tasks, or—let’s say it—panic? Help is here: Part Two on Capacity Building


For the Un-self-Absorbed: The UnSelfie

  A movement away from self-absorbed duck faces to a more altruistic social media self-portrait, “unselfies” have arrived. Officially introduced as a participatory element of the second annual Giving Tuesday in December 2013. Good thing, too, because after this Oscar Selfie, none of us regular folk stand a chance. Thanks, Ellen! It was dubbed “The […]


Listen Up! Can You Hear Me Now?

  Many factors erode effective listening in nonprofit environments. Go ahead and list them: workload, multi-tasking, sharing office space with others, and lacking time for the kind of listening appropriate for our most important constituents. However, in the real world of nonprofits, listening to donors and those we serve is critical for fundraising, strategic planning, […]


Instagram a valid resource for any brand

Nonprofits might want to hop on the Instagram wagon- if not taking the ride already: social media engagement on Instagram is reported to be 15 times that of Facebook. Another social media channel to monitor? Worry not: Here are some tips!


Branding lessons…from a groundhog

The effectiveness of Phil and his brand offer good rules for nonprofits, especially as the scale of Phil’s resources would be more in line with a not-for-profit than a true business enterprise. Here are 7 rules of thumb—uh, paw—from Phil’s good example:


Voices from the Third Sector

Wage Reality of Women in Nonprofits

Compelling research from the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management reconfirms that women drive the nonprofit sector through organizations of all sizes throughout the US, but are usually underpaid for their work.



Avoid Tech Traps: Put tech to work for your nonprofit and career

  Take a listen to a recent Q&A Third Sector Today had with Anthony Pisapia, associate executive director at Tech Impact and Monica Enloe, director of development for individual fundraising at Heart to Heart International. How to discover and address the pain points at your nonprofit with technology How to use technology to increase productivity […]