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3 Questions about Apple Pay for Nonprofits

This post was originally published on RAZ Mobile’s blog- but we’ve been given permission to share it with you here:    Predictably, Apple’s announcement of Apple Pay has kicked off a lot of speculation around its impact for nonprofits. With a reported 300 million credit cards on file globally, Apple Pay is seen to represent a […]


Hashtag 101: Tips on how to #hashtag

I started tweeting in 2008 for one of my journalism classes. It was pretty cool to be able to use social media during class then (professors didn’t like cell phones out during class back in my day). But the one thing I didn’t really start using until the recent past was hashtags.   I always […]


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Smarter Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits: Podcasts

In this podcast series, John Haydon, author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies and leading social media strategist, shares tips on how best to leverage the incredibly powerful tool of social to benefit your organization.


Spring Cleaning

  The arrival of Spring signals renewal and the time for a good clean-up-cleaning out the attic, weeding the garden, or setting new goals.   For employees, May is also a month reminding workers about hard-won civil rights and policies that are easy to take for granted on a daily basis - such as eight-hour […]


How to Cultivate Food Deserts: Growing Local Solutions

Food deserts are typically low income areas with residents who suffer health problems such as obesity. A major deterrent to the spread of food deserts is education and increasing the demand for healthy options.


4 Easy Ways to Change the World

Ideas. An idea can spark a movement, solve a problem, or change the face of the world as we know it. Nancy Duarte, presentation guru and author, believes “if we communicate in a way that resonates, we can change the world.”


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10 Questions to Simplify Bylaws

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your nonprofit’s bylaws were easily accessible and simplified for quick reference? Do yourself a favor and make a handy dandy cheat sheet! In DIY: Make a Bylaws Cheat Sheet offers tips for a fantastic DIY project to ease the tedious task of rummaging through the entire document every time […]


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Idea Generator for Social Good: March 12

Calling All D.C.-Based Nonprofits, Activists, and Techies! TechSoup and Code for America are co-hosting an idea generator for social good tech projects on March 12, 2014, at 1776 in Washington, D.C.