Crowdfunding With Shoes (Not Dollars!)

Did you know the average American has at least 15 pairs of shoes in his/her closet right now? (Some of us, ahem, have many more than that!) And the odds are that at least one of those pair just sits, collecting dust. Starting today, however, unwanted shoes can be converted into a source to help crowdfund […]


Take Part! Study on Fundraising & NGO Exec Relationships with Development

The Nonprofit Research Collaborative has announced that it has opened a very important study on fundraising! This will look at the little-studied topic of the relationship between the CEO (or ED) and the head of development. It will examine relationship aspects (trust, communication, respect) that are associated with raising more funds. The study also asks about the success of various fundraising […]


Use Rituals to Reward Your Best Funders

This post was originally published on PeerToPeer Professional Forum’s Peer Review Blog , and is being shared here with their permission. We felt that it showcases an excellent, unique way for your organization to increase donor engagement and retention.  Let us know what you think! When a volunteer decides to raise money for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, […]


Best Tips on Growing Email Lists via Offline Efforts

We’re pleased to have Emily Goodstein, Online Media Strategist, share her best tips on growing your email lists via offline efforts, in this podcast. Developing your nonprofit’s email list is crucial.  Even if your organization finds many donors are direct mail only, research has found that those constituents who are contacted through multiple channels tend to give more-so, […]


The Future of Giving: Next Generation Philanthropy

Next Generation Philanthropy Where is “next generation philanthropy” headed? Do next-generation, engaged donors actually consider themselves “philanthropists?” How does one become a philanthropist, anyway? To find out, we caught up with SVP PGH’s Executive Director, Elizabeth Visnic, recently and wanted to share their two-pronged mission with you.  This nonprofit is an incubator and capacity builder […]


Nonprofit Social Media Help

Nonprofit Social Media Help: Linkedin Tools

In today’s podcast, “LinkedIn Evangelist”, Maria Semple tells us why this social media channel is indispensible to nonprofits. As principal of The Prospect Finder, she regularly helps nonprofits and small businesses understand how to use Linkedin tools to increase visibility and gain valuable connections. What Linkedin Tools? Do you think Linkedin is just for posting resumes? […]


Is your Nonprofit Board in Strategic Alignment?

It’s not every day that I get to enjoy a chocolate egg cream this far west of Brooklyn, let alone enjoy the insight and practical philosophy of an expert who has helped a long list of nonprofit boards. But today was my chance to do both! I met with Dennis C. Miller, Executive Director of Center for Excellence in Leadership, Governance and […]



Nonprofit Storytelling with Video

You have probably heard a lot in the past couple of years about “Storytelling” and how it can be used to benefit your nonprofit.  But have you considered how you can use video to tell your story? Moreover, have you or your board ever wondered “just what is involved? and how much does it cost?” […]



Does Your End of Year Fundraising Campaign Need Help?

Emily Goodstein is a Washington, DC- based  online media strategist and a professional photographer. She’s also a birth photographer and a millennial…and an incredible resource for the best ways to enhance your end of year fundraising campaign with the help of images. While these valuable tips can be applied any time of year, we tend to […]


Technology Conference

TechNow Conference Updates

  If you’ve been reading our newsletters or following us on Facebook or Twitter, you should know that Beth Kanter will be the afternoon Keynote Speaker of this meeting of philanthropic tech-loving minds to be held next week in the Pittsburgh area. For the 11th straight year, the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management is organizing this “Technology Conference […]