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How to handle a troll.

Even nonprofits find themselves the victims of trolls. With as much good as your organization does it’s hard to imagine that there are those who would want to trod on your reputation with negative posts on social media. Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are highly public forms of two-way communication, so there’s always that […]


The Best Nonprofit Content Creation

Communicating to your supporters should be your number one priority. Communicating with your supporters and donors on a regular basis is one of the most important tasks organizations face. The even bigger task? Creating compelling content that is actually read.   I went to school for magazine journalism. And while I’ve sold my soul to […]


Water Everywhere, Every Day

    The United States uses about 346,000 million gallons of fresh water every day, with the average person using anywhere from 80-100 gallons of water per day. It is such an integral part of our lives and often taken for granted.  Regardless of your nonprofit’s mission, it’s important to recognize the importance of WWD. […]


Listen Up! Can You Hear Me Now?

  Many factors erode effective listening in nonprofit environments. Go ahead and list them: workload, multi-tasking, sharing office space with others, and lacking time for the kind of listening appropriate for our most important constituents. However, in the real world of nonprofits, listening to donors and those we serve is critical for fundraising, strategic planning, […]


3 Lessons from Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl has always been a holiday for me and this year was no different – until the game started. It got me thinking – a lot of companies are probably going to be disappointed with the turnout on their multi-million dollar investments in Super Bowl commercial spots. These are some strategies that can be considered for your organizations, too.


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Improving Nonprofit Team Collaboration with Podio: Part 2

Don’t fear technology, embrace it-and the efficiencies that can be gained by doing so! In the second installment on this topic, Founder of shows us how to use Podio to help increase the collaborative efforts of our nonprofit teams.