Tips on Flawlessly Hosting a Nonprofit Event

NEWaukee Speaker Crawl: A modern spin on a traditional nonprofit event   Not every event can give you an experience with dinosaurs as the backdrop. But that’s exactly what the NEWaukee Speaker Crawl did for its young professional participants. Combining traditional and modern event tactics, NEWaukee, a social architecture firm in Milwaukee, executed an event […]


Pro-Bono Branding Opportunity

Attention Nonprofit Marketers: ProBono Branding

Creative Agency Gives Back with Free Rebranding for a Nonprofit   Attention nonprofit marketers: If you’re a small nonprofit organization in need of rebranding, you’re in luck. Thinkso, a creative agency based in New York City, is giving away a new one—for free.   Each year, the Thinkso team focuses their talents and resources on […]


Voices from the Third Sector

The Secret of Viral Social Media Campaigns?

Creating a successful social campaign is hard to do. Creating a viral social media campaign is one and a million, but it’s possible. I joined Social Media for Nonprofits at their first Leadership Salon panel to learn the secrets of success from the ALS Association’s #icebucketchallenge and the CleverGirlsCollection’s #batkid. The Ice Bucket Challenge generated […]


The Power of Storytelling with Storify

Pack one powerful punch by combining the strength of all your social media platforms. Storify is where social media comes together to, yes, tell a story! This application affords you a very easy way to enhance storytelling and increase productivity.   “Storify helps make sense of what people post on social media.” The easy “drop […]


9 Great Resources for Nonprofit Marketers

  Strong communication and great marketing are essential for the success of any organization. Nonprofit Resource Center compiled a perfect list of marketing and communication tools for the nonprofit marketer. Here are nine resources that will go a long way to support your marketing efforts.   Digital S.M.A.R.T.S.: A Guide for Nonprofits is a free guide […]


Meet Your Fundraising Goals?

We asked…and you told us. Readers of Third Sector Today and elsewhere gave their two cents’ worth earlier this year as participants in a survey from the Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC). Results just out show that 73% of responding charities in the U.S. and Canada met their fundraising goals for 2014. That is the best news […]


4 Ways to Win at Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is in the midst of a significant transformation. Evolving online tools and new platforms are empowering those who care about our missions to support our work in new ways — and the result is a stunning and exciting explosion of creativity.   Each year, my organization — The Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum — conducts […]


Partner Post

Five Fascinating Stats from the State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Report 2015.

DonorDrive’s State of Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Report 2015 examines many issues that face nonprofits in fundraising today and present some fascinating stats that may change the way you think about fundraising: Social fundraising is up 32%. When compared to 2012, social media is responsible for a third more donations today. 2/3 of mobile donations that come […]


Case Study Example: Membership Forms

Case Study Example: Membership Forms How do you feel about the forms and documents that your organization uses? Sometimes the paper version of our online selves doesn’t mesh well when it comes to consistent branding or improving the completion rates to add new members.  With a continually growing level of interest and talk about social media and […]